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Loose-brained, hypo-allergenic vixen's Journal
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Sunday, March 19th, 2006
2:36 pm
Some days I lose all hope for humanity. Then I come across something like this and my faith is restored.

Current Mood: enthralled
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
12:05 pm
It's comforting to know that it's not looting, unless someone who isn't white is doing it... nice one, Yahoo.

Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
1:01 am
Canada, being a hotbed of terrorism...
... obviously requires new laws like this one. Now where did I put my PGP...?

Current Mood: annoyed
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
2:14 pm
Well, sitting here at work, listening to my co-workers discuss, in relative seriousness, how to deceive their girlfriends or spouses, in order to travel to resorts under guise of business travel to score with the young women there, I've come to a somewhat overgeneralized conclusion:

Men are disgusting. :)

Current Mood: annoyed
Tuesday, November 16th, 2004
2:54 pm
Sorry if you've ever recently replied to anything here, and I didn't respond. It seems that LJ has done something evil to my email address info, and it's not validated, so... yeah. Grr. :)
2:49 pm
Cross, unimpressed
She doesn't look so happy about something, does she.

Current Mood: silly
Saturday, September 18th, 2004
1:23 pm
Fucking bastards...
Yay, Ghost in the Shell: Innocence just had it's premiere in theatres in the US. Do they do the sane thing and have it release at the same time in theatres, here in Canada? No. Stupid motherfuckers show it ONLY at the motherfucking Toronto Film Festival, in one location, ten fucking days before this. So it's not even playing in the country, and they're running fucking ads for it on Canadian TV now, instead of when it was actually playing here. Thanks, assholes.

I'm not bitter.

Current Mood: not bitter
Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
2:02 am
Movie review time...
Well, I just got back, as of two hours ago, from seeing The Bourne Supremacy. As movies go, it was alright. Here are a few down points:

1. The plot isn't nearly as tightly knit as the first movie, nor does it flow quite as well. Not a lot really seemed to go on, story-wise.

2. The director decided to save money on shooting the film by firing all of his cameramen and replacing them with epileptic spider monkeys.

Seriously. Guys. Yeah, you down there in that dump of a place called Hollywood. You can't cover up a badly filmed scene by shaking the camera all over the place. Fast-moving, shuddering, twitching, unrecognizable blobs flashing across the screen do not an 'action scene' make. Please, for the love of my admission price, quit it.

Some good points:

1. Matt Damon kills a few people, and beats the crap out of a bunch more. Always good.

2. None of the cars are made of gasoline.

So... well, yeah, there it is. And I don't think I spoiled the movie for anyone, since you already kinda knew he was gonna beat up a bunch of people. The only person who doesn't die at the end, who I wish had, was the director.

Current Mood: headachy
Saturday, July 24th, 2004
7:42 pm
Rollerblading: Day One
Ow. Fifteen years is far too long to go without practice. Rusty doesn't even begin to describe my skating reflexes... I think they're all rust, now, maybe a bit of Bondo and paint-flakes here and there.

I didn't cave my skull in, though... and I did kinda remember to stay upright, and like. roll around and whatnot. So I guess we'll call day one a success!

slinky_treecat is busy bleeding out in the shower; once he's done, I'm off to soak. Whee!

Current Mood: footsore!
7:21 am
God, why on Earth would they let Spielberg touch this? He'll probably replace all the guns with radios again... :P


Current Mood: sleepy
Friday, July 23rd, 2004
11:18 pm
Has anyone else noticed that searching on Google has gone to crap?  All I ever get on my searches anymore, is a bunch of commercial garbage that is only tangentally related to what I'm searching for.  Maybe I've just forgotten how to use a search engine or something.  Wouldn't surprise me...

Current Mood: pessimistic
Thursday, July 22nd, 2004
1:15 pm
So much for Canadian beer...
Woo, globalization.

Ah well, beer is shit anyway. :P
Monday, July 5th, 2004
8:27 pm

<br>Yay, we have a kitty!  Well, strangely enough, I'm the one who originally wanted to get a cat, but it seems that she's adopted slinky_treecat (heck, she lives under his bed, currently), so I'm not sure if she's my cat, or his. :)

Either way, she's small, cute, slinky, skinny, black-and-white tuxedo kitten, and a total sweetheart.  And she looks something like this.  She hasn't yet eaten any of the furniture, or any of the room mates, and hasn't started hogging the TV yet, so things look promising so far. :)

Current Mood: Encatted
Monday, June 28th, 2004
10:12 am
The one constant thing...

... in all of my dreams: They always seem to be the colour of rain. Isn't that an odd thing?

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, June 17th, 2004
8:08 am

There is no fluffier dream, than one where you end up being piled-upon and hugged by about fifty sentient cats, all at the same time. My brain and I don't usually see eye-to-eye, but at least we both seem to agree on what's nice.

Current Mood: awake
Sunday, June 13th, 2004
3:37 am
Stupid brain...
Don't you hate it when you're happily asleep, and then you dream about doing rather pointedly sexual things with a straight friend? I bet he's feeling all dirty and violated now, and doesn't even know why...

So... yeah. Anybody out there that I know, who's like, straight (and male), who just woke up feeling all dirty and violated... yeah, that was me. Sorry about that. :)

Current Mood: sleepy
Thursday, May 27th, 2004
5:06 pm
Ahh, democracy...
This really pisses me off. I'm definitely voting Green this time 'round. I don't care if they put huggable trees in our grade schools or whatever.

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, May 26th, 2004
6:22 pm
OMG I'm still alive!
Look out for the


From Go-Quiz.com

Is that just too perfect, or what? :D

So we have the elections coming up. We've got the Organized Crime Party, The New Bigotry Party, and the You're Joking, Right? Party. I'm stumped. They're all so good, I just can't decide! Oop, I forgot the Eco-Nut Party, who might actually get votes this time around. I'm tempted to vote for them, honestly... except that I worry that they might actually get elected, and then where would we be? I don't know that they've ever actually governed anything for real. But then again, they're probably also very inexperienced at stealing from us, so they'd probably do a bad job of that, which I suppose can be considered a serious mark in their favour.

I'm not jaded and cynical, am I? :)

Hi everyone out there in LJ land! Sorry that I'm such a jerk and never post anymore... I spend too much time socializing online in the wrong places, I guess. :P *Snoofs* go out to you-know-who!

Current Mood: cynical?
Monday, April 19th, 2004
5:06 pm
I may not like Bush...

But boy, can he shoot!

Bush Shoot-Out

Current Mood: giggly
Saturday, April 17th, 2004
3:24 am

I really hope the dream I just had about the Dalai Lama getting killed isn't a prophetic one. :P

Word of advice: Do NOT miss your prescribed daily dose of Effexor (assuming you're prescribed to be taking it). Of course, if you're already taking this stuff, then you already know what I mean, I imagine.

OMG do I feel like crap. :)

Current Mood: amused
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